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We Value our Business Partners

We are dreamers and builders taking on big challenges in technology, because we think we can do better. Dream big and reach high.Do meaningful work Leave your mark on the world.

Partnership Programs

Dobot welcomes opportunities to work with distributors and resellers, as well as companies interested in incorporating our technology into their own products.

Innovative Product

Dobot develops small robot arm products and rich extensions like linear rail, conveyer belt, camera, software coding, etc. This is to provide all-in-one solution to help educational, small factories, etc.

Strong Branding

We continuously work with global medium, partners, professors to promote the brand, to be the first choice when everyone think of small robotic arms. Robot arm will be more and more popular in near future.

Share Profits

Dobot works closely with local distributors regarding direct marketing support, technical training, forwarding sales leads, on sight support, after-sales training, etc. Together we make the world a little better, help customers, and share profits.

Long-term Protection

Dobot issues long-term authorizations to resellers to protect their return in promoting Dobot product. You’ll always be suggested on Dobot official website.